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Updated 02.04.2020

Twitch (also called is a streaming site that saw June 2011 as a spin-off platform Or the main focus of the website and the transmission of video games, including playthroughs, as well as showing various e-sports competitions. Or content can be transmitted to or live or on-demand
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Twitch is a site where you can see people playing video games or making our own broadcast. More in detail, this is a platform where any user, creating a personal account, can go live and broadcast their game to the public. Users can follow each other's channels (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to keep up with news and know when a stream is running, that is, a stream. To do so, you only need one computer (or a console, such as Xbox One and PS4), a Twitch account, streaming software, a microphone, and a camera.

You can access the site through any web browser with internet connection, as well as devices such as Chromecast and even through the application itself that can be found on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, or on a smartphone.

The platform was introduced in 2011 and by 2013 already had 45 million unique views. The following year was purchased by Amazon for 852 million euros and nowadays is the most used video streaming service in the United States of America with 2.2 million monthly streamers and 15 million daily active users.

Broadcasts of various video games. Among the most popular are "League of Legends", "Fortnite", "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds", "Hearthstone" and "World of Warcraft". You can also attend live broadcasts of conventions like E3, Comic-Con, PAX and even talk shows and podcasts.

However, Twitch has been releasing non-gaming content. In 2015 it officially introduced a category only for music broadcasts, such as radio shows and performances. Later, it launched the "Creative" category, where users can share artwork. There is also the "IRL" (In Real Life), where you can transmit practically everything you want, being usually among the 10 most viewed channels.

Creating an account and watching channel broadcasts is totally free. However, the site has a premium monthly subscription package, which costs about € 11.41, with videos without ads, more video space for streamers and other special content. You can also subscribe to individual channels for € 4.38 each to also get exclusive content, determined by each streamer.

According to the Terms of Service of the site, this is prohibited for children under 13. However, up to the age of 18 it is advisable to supervise an adult.

Streamers may also choose to notify viewers through their channel if their content is not suitable for a younger audience.

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-Build a community
-Chance of fame
-Able to promote things if you are a big streamer in the long run (advertise)
-Money from donations
-Doing what you love (Playing games while getting paid)
-You can help others or partner up with your favorite streamers
-Takes a long time to take off if you're starting from scratch (As in you aren't known or popular on Youtube, or other social medias prior to streaming)
-May not be worth the investment time wise, it's possible that your stream never takes off
-Can be emotionally damaging because you WILL get many insults
-Very difficult to get a twitch partnership and sub button
-Again time investment, you might have to stream 2-10 hours to even kick off
-If you can't think of something for your stream to be unique or draw people in, it will be difficult and this can be hard to think of
-You'd be better off having a minimum wage job money wise as to streaming so you have to LOVE streaming and not expect money

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