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Updated 02.04.2020

Pou is a game in which you create a virtual pet and the purpose of it is to feed it, play with it, create it as if it were a dog or cat. This application was developed by Paul Salameh
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Developer : Zakeh
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The idea of ​​the game Pou came in 2010 as an application to care for a virtual pet and customize it with accessories after getting coins in minigames. The creator, Paul Salameh, resumed the project during 2012 adding sounds that he recorded himself and improving the interaction with the game.

A curious fact is that, Pou himself has a pet, which can be changed (hamster, pig, dog, cat, rabbit). The player can choose from several items, such as changing the color of the scenery, personalizing the pet, dressing him, visiting other pets, among many others. There is no way to win or lose, however, there is a way to level up (which has been changed several times as updates are released). The game is based on reaching a certain high level where Pou is represented, a pet with a triangular potato-like trait, to whom it must be fed, tended and kept as if it were a real pet. There are also mini-games inside the app where you earn coins to buy clothes, decorations and modifications of the game environment, playing the mini-game or reaching achievements. You can also interact with other Pouss by visiting them when the game is connected to the Internet or playing with other users as opponents through selected mini-games such as Pou-vs-Pou (PvP) using a Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, or even via the Internet . The Pou becomes an adult on 10 levels or more, or with a potion to make it grow.

The pou has several structures, which are:

  • Kitchen: It should feed itself of every food or drink that the player must buy in the food store.
  • Bathroom: You have to bathe, because there are several traces of dirt.
  • Game Room: The user can pet him or make him laugh, but also can select several games where he can participate.
  • Laboratory: needs formulas or substances to improve energy, health and, in other cases, food to be in good condition.
  • Room: You need rest, and you can also buy clothes in the store and even have a light bulb. If you do not want to sleep, buy a substance or formula from the laboratory to improve your condition and energy.
  • Living room: another place to talk or entertain.
  • Patio: plays in the courtyard of your house where there are some flowers that must be watered daily. It also has a small swimming pool, a car, a court where you can play penalties

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Zakeh
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About ..

- Game is made for people from all ages
- Can play individually or with friends
- Simple UI with colorful graphics, lots of in-game commands and controls
- Easy to play, fun and enjoyable
-Need internet to play with friends
- The game’s graphics quality is just average
- The “talk to Pou” feature occasionally fails to function
- Needs a rich storyline that will make it more engaging and mysterious at the same time

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