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Updated 02.04.2020

Brawl Stars is an action game developed by Supercell. It is free-to-play and it is available for mobile devices, which is amazing, because you can play it everywhere. It incudes a wide variety characters and a lot of action. The game is easy to play and install, which makes it quite likable
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Developer : PEGI 7
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Brawl Stars is another great free-to-play game, which was developed by Supercell. Also, the game is made for mobile devices, which makes her perfect for playing everywhere you go.

The game has a unique style, it is different from the games people usually play. It is really simple to play, easy to understand really enjoying and, of course, easy to install. With all those things combined, the game is really likable by the players.

The game has a lot of action and requires a variety of strategies in order to reach a victory. Supercell managed to polish the game by making great visuals and really nice sound effects.

The rules of the game are simple. You control the game with two sticks on the screen. The first one controls the direction of your character and the second one lets you fire at the targets. You have some special moves that make you stronger. Those special moves have a separate button, which starts glowing when you have enough power to shoot.

There is a wide variety of characters. Every single one of them has its own unique style and look. Each brawler has his individual main attack. That is the more powerful special move, which builds up with the time. Also, every character has an ability called '' Star Power'', which can be found in ''Brawl Boxes'' or in the game shop.

Every single game mode offers different levels to play through. You have a team game, where the goal is to collect gems, which pop out of a box. The goal of that mode is for the team to hold 10 gems for 15 seconds.

There is also a battle royale mode. In it, you have the opportunity to play solo or with a friend. The choice is all yours. You need to deal not only with your targets, but also to be aware of the poison clouds, which make the action even bigger.

There are different modes in the daily events' menu. That means you have something new every day, which is amazing. Finding a match is super easy. That makes the game really comfortable, because you do not lose any time.

The game is amazing, but it is definitely far from perfect. The game might be awesome for some players, but boring for others. There are some modes that just do not have enough tension. Everything looks predictable and boring, especially if you are a player who is fond of extreme shooting. Of course, everybody likes winning and earning a victory in Brawl Stars makes you feel good. It depends on the person, so if you feel like this is the game for you, it costs nothing to try it.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : PEGI 7
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About ..

- Kill cam is wonderfully designed

- Animations during the start of a match look great

- The UI is really clean and polished
- Ugly grey bars at top and bottom of screen
- Display is stretched on smaller iPhones
- Because it is a mobile device, it might be addictive

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